TThe Hertie School of Governance in Berlin has become my academic home in January 2012, while the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University continues to be my academic home in the U.S. After 15 years at Business Schools (first at INSEAD and then serving for more than 10 years on the faculty of the Strategic Management Department faculty at IESE Business School) I am excited about educating a next generation of decision makers across sectorial boundaries.

No doubt, the rich experiences during visiting terms at the Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Copenhagen Business School and the Wirtschatsuniversität Wien as well as the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University have helped to carve out important steps in my trajectory.

It has been quite a journey: from growing up in Schenna, a small village in Northern Italy to studying in Vienna, Milano, Urbana Champaign, Bologna, Fontainebleau and working in the Financial Industry in Frankfurt and New York.


My parents were pioneers establishing the tourism industry in the German-speaking part of Northern Italy. Our family’s hotel "Hohenwart" in Schenna is a premiere resort managed now by my brother Sepp and his wife Gerti and my sister Christine. But then - nothing really works without my mother's final touches (at least in her opinion). My father, however, has learned to let go and enjoy the fruits of his lifework and that includes entertaining the many "Stammgäste" at our hotel some of them coming for more than 50 years.   


My appetite for exploring the world eventually won over the temptation to continue the family business. Today, I am researching innovative initiatives, organizations and the people involved in a variety of contexts. My objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the drivers and barriers of social and economic development and to ignite a fruitful discussion on potential avenues of capitalism.

My Journey so far......